U.S. Budget Watch is a historical project of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which provided analysis around the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. This site is not regularly updated.


The items below reflect recent articles that quote or feature CRFB staff and board members.

September 20, 2011 Budget analysts say Obama deficit plan is likely to miss its targets | Washington Post
September 20, 2011 Editorial: In debt plan: Mr. Obama goes 'medium' | Washington Post
September 18, 2011 Paul Volcker: A Little Inflation Can Be a Dangerous Thing | The New York Times
September 17, 2011 Deficit Divide | For Your Ears Only
September 16, 2011 Heather Long: All Eyes Will Be On Entitlements, Taxes | The Patriot-News
September 15, 2011 Veronique de Rugy: Abusing Emergency Spending | National Review Online
September 15, 2011 Will the Super Committee Put Mortgage Tax Deductions on the Chopping Block? | Chicago Agent
September 15, 2011 From Jobs Plan to Tax Cuts, Can Deficit ‘Super Committee’ Handle Mission Creep?| CS Monitor
September 14, 2011 Editorial: For Deficit Talks, a $705 Billion Bipartisan Solution | Bloomberg
September 14, 2011 Ken Harney: Mortgage interest tax deduction: safe until after 2012 election? | Inman News
September 14, 2011 Social Security a Ponzi Scheme? 'Do the Math,' Says Obama's 'Fiscal Responsibility' Co-Chair | CNS News
September 14, 2011 US super panel urged to go big on deficit cuts | Business Times
September 14, 2011 Rep. John Garamendi, Other Dems, Join Obama Campaign to Sell Jobs Plan | SF Chronicle
September 14, 2011 CBO Chief Warns Deficit Committee: Tax Policy on Road to Ruin | AdvisorOne
September 13, 2011 Suzy Khimm: $1.2 trillion in cuts? ‘Peanuts,’ says Alan Simpson | Washington Post
September 13, 2011 Business, government leaders urge debt supercommittee to ‘go big’ | Washington Post
September 13, 2011 National Debt Panel Urged to 'Go Big' | CNN Money
September 13, 2011 Debt Committee Urged to ‘Go Big’ | Bloomberg
September 13, 2011 US Business Tells Congress: 'Go Big' on Deficit Cuts | Reuters
September 12, 2011 Pressure Builds on Deficit Panel to ‘Go Big,’ Beyond Its Mandate, in Cuts | New York Times
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