U.S. Budget Watch is a historical project of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which provided analysis around the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. This site is not regularly updated.


The items below reflect recent articles that quote or feature CRFB staff and board members.

August 02, 2011 After 15 Years, GOP Revives Balanced Budget Idea | NPR
August 02, 2011 Skepticism Greets Obama Debt-Accord Plan for Bigger Deficit Cuts | Bloomberg
August 02, 2011 Topic A: Who Won and Lost in the Debt Deal? | Washington Post
August 01, 2011 Tax Hikes 'Impossible' Under Debt Deal? Think Again ... | Fox News
August 01, 2011 What Groups Are Saying About The Deal | Talk Radio News Service
August 01, 2011 Even With Deal, Federal Debt to Rise by Trillions | CBS News
August 01, 2011 Debt Ceiling Deal Unlikely to Tackle Taxes | Marketplace
August 01, 2011 Debt Deal Puts Off Hard Choices for Now | US News & World Report
August 01, 2011 How Do You Calculate a Spending Cut? | Marketplace
August 01, 2011 David Wessel: An Agreement Is Struck, but the Deficit Isn't Solved | Wall Street Journal
July 30, 2011 Balanced Budget Amendment Wins Plaudits and Jeers | Associated Press
July 29, 2011 Allen West Says Spending Cuts Are Part of a Debt Ceiling Increase For the First Time in History | PolitiFact
July 29, 2011 Top 6 Washington Budget Gimmicks: Reading Between the Lines | ABC News
July 29, 2011 Bill Frenzel, David Stockman and Arlen Specter: Listen up Washington, We've Been There | CNN
July 29, 2011 Path to a Debt Deal Becoming Clearer, but Someone’s Got to Give | Roll Call
July 29, 2011 Debt Plan Includes Spending-Cut ‘Trigger’ With a Long History of Failure | Bloomberg
July 29, 2011 The Debt Ceiling Crisis And The Failure Of The Establishment | The New Republic
July 29, 2011 Cantor Says Reid Debt Proposal Gives "Blank Check" to Obama | PolitiFact
July 28, 2011 U.S. Rep. Lance Says Government Debt has Grown by $3.4 Trillion During First 29 Months of Obama Administration | PolitiFact
July 27, 2011 Debt-Ceiling Plans Face CBO Fire: Does Either Cut as Much as Promised? | Christian Science Monitor
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