U.S. Budget Watch is a historical project of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which provided analysis around the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. This site is not regularly updated.


The items below reflect recent articles that quote or feature CRFB staff and board members.

November 18, 2015 Even With a Republican President, Obamacare Isn't Getting Repealed | Government Executive
November 17, 2015 Social Security Fixes Found at LeMieux Center Workshop | Palm Beach Atlantic University
November 13, 2015 For Republican candidates, it’s a race to the lowest tax rate | The Washington Post
November 13, 2015 Republicans think America is doing terribly, but it isn’t | Vox
November 12, 2015 The Politicians Debating the Budget Are Lost in Wonderland |
November 12, 2015 Maya MacGuineas on Bloomberg Surveillance | Bloomberg Radio
November 11, 2015 Trump: All proposed tax plans are better than what we have | Fox Business
November 11, 2015 Republican presidential candidates' tax plans would pile up more debt | Chicago Tribune
November 10, 2015 Things you'll hear at the Republican debate. Some true, some not so much | CNN Money
November 10, 2015 Two Cheers For the Recent Budget Deal | Real Clear Markets
November 04, 2015 Commentary: Budget Deal Puts Off Tough Talk | The Times Record
November 04, 2015 Opinion: Congress may have blown its last chance to fix the national debt | Market Watch
November 04, 2015 GOP House Rule Changes, CNBC Debate | No Labels Radio
November 03, 2015 Budget deal pushes disability reform to backburner | The Washington Examiner
November 03, 2015 Obama Just Signed a Bill That Leaves America a Legacy He Doesn’t Want to Talk About | Independent Journal
November 02, 2015 With this budget deal, GOP deserves Trump | The Washington Post
November 02, 2015 The budget deal made a change that's good for Medicaid — and bad for Martin Shkreli | Vox
November 02, 2015 Big week for the highway bill | POLITICO
November 01, 2015 Editorial: A real budget reform under fire | The MetroWest Daily News
November 01, 2015 Jackson: Christie's clear stance on Social Security, Medicare draws non-partisan praise |
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