U.S. Budget Watch is a historical project of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which provided analysis around the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. This site is not regularly updated.


The items below reflect recent articles that quote or feature CRFB staff and board members.

June 12, 2014 2 promising signs for US health spending | Vox
June 12, 2014 Veterans Could Get $50 Billion a Year in New Health Care | Roll Call
June 12, 2014 Medicare Costs Well Under Control So Far in 2014 | Mother Jones
June 03, 2014 Politifact: Cantor didn’t vote to approve Obamacare | The News Virginian
June 02, 2014 Hwy Funds from the Post Office? | Go By Truck Global News
May 30, 2014 Could Post Office Become Highway Funding Source? | Transport Topics
May 28, 2014 Money-Losing Post Office Said to Be Highway Fund Source | Bloomberg Businessweek
May 22, 2014 Renacci Introduces Bipartisan Bill To Bring More Accountability And Transparency To Federal Government's Financial Statements |
May 21, 2014 Maya MacGuineas: What’s Missing in the Earmark Debate | The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire
May 21, 2014 Rep. Jim Renacci, a CPA, proposes bill to clean up the federal government's books |
May 19, 2014 Brawner: Good times renew bad habits in Congress |
May 16, 2014 Budget experts: Feds should brace for more continuing resolutions | Federal Times
May 15, 2014 Marco Rubio Couldn’t Be More Timely: Social Security’s Situation Keeps Getting Worse | National Review Online
May 13, 2014 Senate Will Take Up Tax Breaks for Business | The New York Times
May 13, 2014 Exclusive: Speaker of the House John Boehner | Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News
May 13, 2014 What story will new retail and manufacturing data tell? | Sunday Morning Furtures on Fox News
May 13, 2014 Health Care Law Update - May 12, 2014 | The National Law Review
May 13, 2014 US Budget Week: Tax Extender Bill Undermines Deficit Rhetoric | MNI
May 13, 2014 Federal Debt Matters, and It Matters Now |
May 13, 2014 Tax break for corporate research: Is House GOP plan fiscally responsible? | Yahoo News
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