U.S. Budget Watch is a historical project of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which provided analysis around the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. This site is not regularly updated.


The items below reflect recent articles that quote or feature CRFB staff and board members.

March 04, 2014 US Fiscal Groups Calls Obama's New Budget Cautious, Political | MNI
March 03, 2014 Here's How Obama's Past Budget Proposals Have Fared | Market Watch
March 03, 2014 Republican's Tax Plan Has Cross-Party Appeal | The St. Louis Post-Dispatch
March 03, 2014 Is President Obama's Budget Dead on Arrival | Bloomberg (Video)
March 03, 2014 Budget Proposal Won't Tame Debt, Interest Would Soon Exceed Military Spending | Fox News
March 03, 2014 Obama's Budget Expands Tax Credit for Older Workers | AARP Blog
March 03, 2014 The 2015 budget battle begins | MSNBC (Video)
March 03, 2014 Obama's budget marks beginning of new battle | USA Today
March 02, 2014 Big or Small, Spending-Cut Efforts Hit Roadblocks | Associated Press
March 02, 2014 Behind U.S. Budget Cease-Fire, the Same Festering Problems | Reuters
March 02, 2014 Spending cuts succumb to pressure | HTR News
March 01, 2014 Obama Budget Marks Beginning of a New Battle | WUSA9
February 27, 2014 White House Budget: Why Politicans and the Press Pay Attention, Even if Some of it is Doomed | The Cleveland Plain Dealer
February 26, 2014 SGR Has Worked and Cut Entitlement Costs | The Wall Street Journal
February 26, 2014 So What's Not to Like in Dave Camp's Tax Reform | The National Review
February 26, 2014 GOP Tax Proposal A Plot To Raise Taxes on "Blue States" | Opposing Views
February 26, 2014 SGR Has Worked and Cut Entitlement CostsSGR Has Worked and Cut Entitlement Costs | Wall Street Journal
February 23, 2014 Chained CPI and What it Means for the Federal Budget | Tampa Bay Times, Pundit fact
February 23, 2014 Extend the Charitable Deduction to Every American | The Chronicle of Philanthropy
February 19, 2014 Obama Drops Controversial Social Security Proposal | CNN Money
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